The Outsider:
In his formative years, Jeremy Diamond (writer/actor/producer) worked as a night watchman in a funeral home. Gazing for hours on end at antiseptic white walls while talking to himself helped him develop his febrile imagination and “voice”. Staring down death’s gaping maw week after week (after week) endowed him with a spirited sense of humour and a singular perspective on life.

The Professional:
David Craig (illustrator) is a licensed dentist. Trained in the oral arts, good with his hands and a gifted mold-maker, Dave soon became convinced that the artistry of dentistry could be applied to drawing pretty pictures, and that the world of televised entertainment promised almost as much excitement as his chosen profession. He continues to prove himself right.

The Warrior:
Jonas Diamond (executive producer) is a hardened veteran of the Y2K Wars. Preparing all Ontario schools and hospitals for the impending onslaught of the millennium bug, Jonas stood on the front lines in the battle against computer chaos – and prevailed! It was during this bleak period of human history that he learned his proposal-writing skills, shmoozemanship, and hand-to-mouse combat.

The Academic:
Adrian Carter (director/ editor/ producer) was an ecologist in the Outback (Gumli Gumli, Wagga Wagga) working on his seminal thesis “Growth and Water Use of Eucalyptus Grandis and Pinus Radiata Plantations Irrigated with Effluent” when the lure of civilization and television production brought him home, whereupon he forsook saving the world for amusing it.

The Virtuoso:
Before this, Denny Silverthorne Jr. (director / editor/ musician/ producer) never worked a day in his life.