The Magic Man
Young Don McKellar (“Jack Ryder”) knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up – a magician. McKellar the Magnificent worked his magic at children’s parties until an unfortunate incident with a rabbit and a “Hoop of Fire” left this prestidigitator (and Billy the birthday boy) traumatized and disillusioned. He threw his enchanted top hat into the acting/writing/directing ring and presto – a star was birthed.
  The Huckstress
Teress Morton (“Betty Styles”) trained as a senior undergarment salesperson in an upscale downtown boutique. This lingerie ingénue perfected her craft with smooth and flawless deliveries of lines such as “That peek-a-boo nightie really becomes you,” “What cellulite?” and “They’re not real?! I never would have guessed!” She finds expressing herself through voice-acting a welcome alternative to working with unmentionables.
  The Castaway
Matthew Ferguson (“Bobby Lee”) spent his formative years on an isolated island off the coast of Toronto. He learned to live in the wild off a steady diet of mulberries and Masterpiece Theatre before heading off to work on the mainland. The subsistence skills and instincts he acquired have certainly helped him to survive the unpredictable, sometimes treacherous world of Canadian acting.