A situation comedy with an interactive edge, the "World's First Sit.Com" returns with its corresponding interactive Web component, based on Jack's job of the week. Viewers are prompted throughout each broadcast to log on to www.oddjobjack.com and download content and play show-related games. With video recaps of each episode, in-depth character information and various downloads, the website has 10,000 registered users and has generated 500,000 visits and over 10 million on-air page views during the on-air periods.

In this newest online phase of Odd Job Jack, entitled 'Free-Jack', the Smiley Guys are undertaking a groundbreaking initiative in "open content" by freely distributing design resources. These design resources are the art that is used to create each episode of OJJ – ranging from fully "puppetable" characters and animation poses to props and painted backgrounds. Our goal is to raise awareness by empowering the Odd Job Jack and animation communities to remix, re-use, innovate, share, and create.