Episode 3.01 – Jason Alexander – “Rod the Dealer”
Rod is the coolest blackjack dealer this side of Vegas. He's got looks, charm, and a winning attitude at the table. Can he teach a bumbling loser like Jack [through song] what it takes to be a successful croupier? The stakes are high when he makes a bet with the casino Boss that he can.

Episode 3.02 – Molly Parker – “Alberta Jones”
Focused, determined, erudite, serious - Alberta is everything her ex-boyfriend Jack Ryder is not. Her lifelong obsession has been her search for the lost matriarchal civilization called Wu so she can prove once and for all that men are the inferior species. With Jack as her new research assistant, she may just get her chance.

Episode 3.03 – Sean Cullen – “Neville”
The man in charge of keeping all of Her Majesty's clocks in right working order, Neville himself is order incarnate - exacting, precise, and punctual to a fault. When force-of-nature Jack Ryder is sent to work for him, chaos is unleashed and Neville himself is left questioning Queen and Country. But when Big Ben gets busted, Neville must step up and save the realm.

Episode 3.05 – Harland Williams – “Black Ralph”
Some would say that Ralph goes against the grain of the stereotypical construction worker - that rather than being merely macho and misogynist he is civilized and sensitive. These people would be wrong. As head of the construction crew Ralph can out-macho any of his men. Likewise, when Jack imagines him as the Knight "Black Ralph", he remains the same bullying chauvinist bastard, only with a medieval lilt.

Episode 3.06 – John Goodman – “Billy-Bob / Bobby-Bill”
The Garbage Czar is white trash with a passion for refuse. He likes nothing better than a nice mess and the smell of a roaring tire fire. He dreams of creating "cities of garbage". But just what kind of perverse relationship does he have with his trashy daughter? And what kind of even more perverse relationship does he have with his trashy brother? It appears you can take the czar out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer-park out of the czar.

Episode 3.07 – Christian Slater – “Agent Brody”
Agent Brody is a hard-core member of an anti-terrorist squad who will stop at nothing [including the torture of inanimate objects] to protect his country from danger, real or perceived. This time, it's mad cows who threaten to wreak global havoc. Agent Brody is on their tails, but are these genius cows too diabolical to corral? And may he in fact be crazier than the cows?

Episode 3.08 – Jerry Stiller – “Jim McDonald”
Jim McDonald, Mayoral candidate, is an expert incumbent and as "old school" as they come. His race is creaking along until Jack injects some young blood into his tired campaign. Can Jack turn this old codger into a young hipster in time to turn the race around? Things looks good until Jim becomes so "youthful" he drops out of the race to hang out with Jack's friends and date Jack’s sister.

Episode 3.10 – Don Lake – “Anton Beaujolais”
Hailing from a long line of sensitive schnozzes, Anton is Master Perfumer for The Sniffe Shoppe. His delicate proboscis has helped create some of the finest scents of our time. He's pretentious, spoiled, and abusive - everything a master artiste should be. But can he handle a little competition from a talented up-and-coming Nose without making too big a stink?

Episode 3.12/3.13 – Sandra Oh – “Vanessa Christianson”
Vanessa Christianson is one of the kindest, most helpful people you'll ever meet, always willing to feed, clothe, or de-louse another human being. As an empathetic social worker, she can talk you back from the edge or down from the ledge. So how on earth did she become Mrs. Jack Ryder? And will her insatiable drive to do good put her and her new hubby in grave danger on their African honeymoon [full of minefields to clear, lepers to bathe, and warlords to overthrow]?


Episode 2.01 – Tom Arnold – “William Swillberger III”
Heir to the Lowerbrau beer fortune, Swillberger is a man with a big laugh and a bigger advertising budget. He’s a boisterous fellow with a frat-boy mentality who doesn’t mind, even encourages, drinking on the job. Crushing beer cans on his forehead and chest-butts are part of his communication skills. He only shrinks from one thing – decision-making – and now depends entirely on his portable focus group to make the call.

Episode 2.02 – Scott Thompson – “Doctor Professor Randalf”
A giant in the field of Sociology and one of the most popular and charismatic Professors in the Arts Dept, Doctor Professor Randalf has for many years been working on a Unified Theory of Society. But are his theories as original as he purports them to be? Doc Prof Randalf organizes a quest to get his book published and leads a crusade against the Sciences.

Episode 2.04 – James Woods – “Manny Kowalski”
Best known for his work in gritty movies, this actor is surprisingly eager to give musical theatre a try. But when angelic-sounding Jack takes his role away from him, he is forced to play the show's villain, the priest-father who preaches against his son's involvement in theatre.

Episode 2.05 – Tom Green – “Terrence McGavin”
Self-help guru Terrence McGavin - and his book Unicorns and Rainbows - used to be a beacon of positivity. Now he's fallen into a life of cynicism and glue-sniffing. Will his aggressive tell-it-like-it-is attitude and new form of self-help - "Deprecation Therapy" - put him back on top or deeper in the gutter? Tom Green, also appearing as himself in this episode, helps rescue Terrence.

Episode 2.06 – Leslie Nielson – “General/ Captain/ Drill Sergeant/ Chef Skitzkopf”
Due to budget cutbacks in the Canadian military, Skitzkopf is an entire chain-of-command rolled into one. A war-mongering general, a brave and compassionate Captain, a ball-breaking Drill Sergeant, a mediocre Chef - Sktizkopf is all of the above, depending on which hat (or hair net) he is wearing. Now he's pushed his country into civil war - can he get his country out of it as well?

Episode 2.11/2.12 – Will Arnett – “Tiberius McKorkindale”
Tiberius is the former star of a show about a galactic cruise ship that travels the universe, looking for exotic species to mate with. Currently, Tiberius is a host at a space-themed hotel. He is also a man torn apart by the untimely, mysterious death of his former co-star and sidekick Andy Winters.

Episode 2.13 – Samantha Bee – “Linda Callahan”
Linda Callahan is a superstar publicist who is almost as famous as the stars she represents. In-your-face, ambitious, and totally successful, they say she would do anything to get her clients' in front of the public. But does 'anything' include toe mutilation?

Additional guest voices include Rick Mercer, Megan Follows, Tony Rosato, Cara Pifko, Jim Van Horne, Camilla Scott, Troy Hurtubise and the voices of the Iron Chefs.


Episode 1.03 - Dave Foley – “Gary Gerbil”
A British ex-pet, now the Animal-American star of the Gary Gerbil franchise, he’s a mouse with a mission. The rumour treadmill claims he’s got a bit of a problem with “prescription medication,” but Gary’s not talking (about that, anyway).

Episode 1.06- Gary Farmer – “George Twotrees”
This chief treeplanter is trying to restore the forest in the best way he knows how… by planting trees. With the ability to talk to the woods and listen to the wind, George Twotrees is truly one with the land.

Episode 1.07 - John O’Hurley – “Dr. Renfield”
His character is much like certain untreated teeth - white and shiny on the outside, rotting and foul within. He runs an efficient DER [Dental Emergency Room], but is saddled with a laughable addiction to nitrous oxide and a dangerous obsession with occult dentistry. Now this masked psychopath serves a higher spirit – the Dental Spirit aka The Tooth Fairy. What follows is inevitable: assault with unapproved tools intent on channeling the Higher Periodontal Powers.

Episode 1.08 – Christopher Plummer – “Magnus the Maker”
From his beginnings as a humble creator of carnivals, this mega theme-park creator has grown into something of a megalomaniac, using the veil of religion to obscure his true plans of global themepark domination. His customers adore him. His employees worship him. Only his creations know his true malevolent aims - robot human hybrids in his own immoral image.

Episode 1.09 – Catherine O’Hara – “Claudia Johnson”
Claudia Johnson is a corporate cougar in the boardroom and the bedroom. Her prey: weak defenseless companies and buff young hustlers. She has shattered through the glass ceiling with her “big balls” and moxie, and is not afraid to use her sex as a blunt bludgeoning implement. Her reverse sexism should help her survive in a man’s world and excel in the boardroom/ boudoir. All in favour say Yea!

Episode 1.11 – Jeff Tweedy – “Jeff Tweedy”
Member of the seminal rock groups Uncle Tupelo and Wilco, and tired of supporting such clichéd causes as heart disease and AIDs, Mr. Tweedy threw himself into the Wormstock-stock campaign with the vigour of a crowd diver.

Episode 1.11 – Barenaked Ladies – “Barenaked Ladies”
Canada’s finest have produced such classic albums as “Gordon” & “Everything to Everyone”. When they’re not recording or touring, they’re plotting the demise of the world’s worm population and combining their bodies to become a near naked soul singer. Seriously.

Episode 1.13 – Don Knotts – “Dick Douglas”
Always on the look-out for smugglers and evil-doers, he’s a Dick to be reckoned with. Paranoia is his modus operandi, racial profiling is his most trusted tool. Don’t try to sneak anything illegal or immoral by on this cop’s watch, or he’ll call in Uncle Sam for a “meat inspection”.