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Odd Job Jack animation test:
This is the standard test we send to all prospective animators. It is a fully set up scene with 3 characters, a background, and a vocal track.


Animation Video Tutorials:
Two narrated video tutorials from our animation department:
Body Training
Head Comp Training


Concept Drawings- Characters:
[Every character (from Jack and Betty to extras in crowd scenes) goes through the concept phase. They’re sketched out, revised, and perfected before being scanned and vectorized for Flash]

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Concept Drawings- BGs:
[The backgrounds in OJJ begin as pencil drawings for each scene. These are then used as reference to create the 3D locations.]

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Story Boards:
[Story boards are scene-by-scene drawings of the script. Like a comic book, the story boards show characters in mid-motion. The animators and layout department use these illustrations to reference how the characters should be posed.]

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[The animatic is essentially a video of the storyboard. The panels from the boards are scanned and used to pace out the timing of scenes. The character’s voices and background music are also added, creating a rough version of the episode.]

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[Designers render the characters for animation in Flash. By tracing the Concept Sketches, they create “puppets”, or movable versions of the drawings.]

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[Layout artists prepare the scenes for animators by collecting all the pieces of the scene and assembling them. The BG, props and characters are posed in the scene, matching it to the Story Board.]

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[Flash animators use keyframes to move the puppets. Frame by frame, they re-pose the characters, creating movement.]

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[Effects are the finishing touch. Any moving light, water, fire, or dust is considered an effect, and is added post-animation.]

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[The sound department creates BG music and mixes the voice tracks for the show.]

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[The 3D (Computer Graphics) team renders backgrounds and moving props.]

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[Writers create scripts for new episodes of Odd Job Jack.]

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[Directors oversee every aspect of production, ensuring that scenes work well together.]

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[Interactive has become very important to marketing animated shows, it encompases anything presented on the internet from web pages to contests and games]

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These are the guides, checklists, and worksheets that we use right here at Smiley Guy Studios. If you were an artist working here then the first thing you would have received was a copy of these documents.

Animation Guide 1 >

Animation Guide 2 >

Animation Guide 3 >

Animation Guide 4 >

Animation Guide 5 >

Animation Guide 6 >

Animation Guide 7 >

Animation Guide 8 >

Animation Guide 9 >

Animation Guide 10 >

Animation Guide 11 >

Animation Guide 12 >

Animation Guide 13 >

Animation Guide 14 >

Animation Guide 15 >

Animation Guide 16 >

Animation Guide 17 >

Animation Guide 18 >

Animation Guide 19 >

Animation Guide 20 >

Animation Guide 21 >

Animation Guide 22 >

Animation Guide 23 >