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Character Descriptions

Jack Ryder

Fresh out of university, in debt, armed only with a degree in sociology and an enthusiasm for new experiences, our hero is looking for his place n the wide working world. For better or worse, he'll try anything once.

Betty Styles

Jack's primary contact at the Odd Jobs Unlimited, Betty's talents include a wry wit and the ability to suffer fools gladly (unlucky for Jack). Luckily for Jack she prides herself on being able to place even the most inept and unqualified of people into an assortment of unique positions (luckier for Jack).

Mister Fister

The overseer of Odd Jobs, Betty and Jack never know when Mister will be watching their sessions together, waiting to pounce. Faceless and heartless, he has taken a particular disliking to Jack, and made it his job to make Jack miserable.

Bobby Lee

Jack's best friend, Bobby, is caught between his day-job (working for the family business Big Fat Store) and his dream job (spinning and scratching records at local nightclubs). By day he is dutiful son, but by nightlife he is DJ Sherpa- a rising star/crime-fighter who must keep his secret life hidden from his kin.

Leopold Trench or Leo

One of Jack's best boyhood friends, Leo is a misanthropic layabout who has not left his pad, aka "The Trench" -in over two years. Anti-social, anti-establishment, anti-everything- he has few to no redeeming qualities. A dedicated techie and smoker, he spends much of his time hacking.

Flo the Dog

Flo is dog whose crude remarks and canine kibitzing are translated for the untrained ear with subtitles and description. For a dog, she's quite loquacious, has a great way with woofs, and is not afraid to bark it like it is.

Max Ryder

In her time, Jack's Grandma has done it all. From soldier to bootlegger to computer programmer, Maxine is Jack's "Voice of Experience." She now spends her twilight time walking Flo and hanging out in her garden [of medical marijuana].

Barbara "Babs" Ryder

A wilted flower-child and boomer who went bust, Babs is a Prozac muncher and a popper of many more bitter pills. Some [ie spoons] may call her a sell-out, but since the disillusioning disappearance of her husband she has to raise the family by her lonesome.

Spoons Ryder

Jack's extremely sassy, savvy, and smart-assy younger sister. She doesn't trust anyone over twenty. If there's a cause to fight for, she's up to it. If there's a tree to save, she's up it. In all matters, she demonstrates her dissent and opposition on an almost hourly basis. She's, like, totally radical.


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